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Enola Gaye EG25 Wire Pull Micro Smoke Grenade Black (Event pickup or field delivery only) Enola Gaye EG25 Wire Pull Micro Smoke Grenade Black (Event pickup or field delivery only)Our 37mm signaling ammunition and smoke shells are a great launcher accessory. Quick view Out of Stock. They come with 38mm to 40mm lids that act as internal elevators to give you easy access to your grenades. G&G Dummy M18 Smoke Grenade Replica BB Canister G-07-045 1Each Make your uniform look authentic with these dummy M18 smoke grenade canisters! Top opens to a small storage area for BBs, tools, supplies etc. 514 - M26 USA Grenade. Far from only having the largest selection of authentic military surplus, we also have the best prices and quality as all of THE MAJOR dye component of the new yellow-smoke formulation is 2(2-quinolyl)-1,3-indandione (QID) (42% of total components). smokegrenades. £52. 28. Nike Air Max 90 Surplus. ”. 49. 95 As low Dirty Works sell's Enola Gaye smoke grenades and Enola Gaye accessories. There are a total of [ 22 ] WW2 Hand Grenades entries in the Military Factory. Everything Else 1946-1960. The SKS for sale is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7. Over 18 use and supply only. ORDER & SHIPMENT POLICIES: Should you wish to purchase a combination of Hazmat Devices, as per the order of the U. Able to fit 1 of the following items Smoke comes in Red / Green / Yellow / Purple. C . Rifle Rounds. 5 Smoke Grenades. Enola Gaye. They put their gear through some of the most intense training ever devised: the theatre of war. Whether you're an avid collector of military memorabilia or an active airsoft player, we have the realistic replica grenades and smoke grenades for you. - Experience suspenseful and thrillingThe neighbouring towns are roughly 32km (20 miles) northwest of Denver, a city of more than 715,000 people where a towering plume of smoke was visible. It includes the replica head, ring and spoon assembly. 95. Regular price. The M18 smoke grenades were used to help helicopter pilot gauge wind direction as well as identifying enemy/friendly positions. 21. Tactical Smoke Grenade (TSG) has long been recognized as the premier smoke grenade for paintball and airsoft. Out of Stock. These are genuine British army kit and present an excellent value for the money. 30 Cartons (Min. Ring Pull Smoke Grenade (90 Sec) Color Bomb Smoke Effect [Yellow] (4) from . Clothing Shop the line . . S. 987 - M2 Pineapple Grenade all metal copy world war 2 relics. A hand grenade is an anti-personnel weapon designed and used to clear out enemy fortifications, buildings or trenches. For use by professionals. The Rocket Propelled Grenade is one of the explosives in ARK: Survival Evolved. Military Dummy Flashbang Grenade is a must-have conversation piece, ready for prominent display on a desk or bookshelf. 49 ₽. Max: C$ 45. Out of stock. Hand Grenades M61 Fragmentation Hand Grenade A. Card paper fins easily made to complete it. 99 Description / Clear Out 6oz Tear Gas Grenade. . It creates a smoke cloud around it when thrown, obscuring players' vision and fogging a player's screen if they are inside the smoke cloud. 308 Items M1 Garand Items 50 Cal Shop the world's most popular Smoke Grenades & Smoke Bombs. Provides 60 seconds of white smoke. Large breech opening for the largest projectiles in a standalone platform. " Read more Spring kits for hand grenades - Spring kit for hand grenade or M-18Spring kits for hand grenades - Spring kit for hand grenade or M-18quantity- 1 spring kit per order. Made of heavy duty cordura fabric. Packaged in a compact device, it’s simple to use and produces a huge amount of smoke. Shop Rare Gems, New Items & Much More Today! Great Deals & Huge Selection. If you want to make your own smoke grenade, you’ll need granulated or cane sugar, potassium nitrate, a soda can, 4 to 5 inches of cotton string, scotch tape, and a lighter or match. Free Returns. Plenty of velcro on the strap. This grenade can be used to conceal tactical movement or to route a crowd. green grenade (1). It was subsequently removed from the airport. Artillery Smoke Grenade. The spring kit allows the spoon to fly like the real thing and give you the sound of the Hand held throwing. It provides effective position marking during rescue operations and can be used to indicate wind direction, producing dense orange smoke for a minimum of 3 minutes. 99 . Can be used by the army or police. 99 ; Green EG18X Military Smoke Grenade · Green EG18X Military Smoke Grenade · . The question is, are they still legal to be sold privately? Posted: 5/7/2014 3:21:38 PM EST Smoke grenades and pyrotechnic devices can be a great way to enhance your Airsoft gaming and training experience. A Tear Gas Grenade is ideal for control and disbursement of crowds or securing a confined area like a room or car. P camouflage SMOKE GRENADE pouches, Molle fixing, Can be fixed to belt, Velcro closing, Most are G1, some new, Can be used to hold a range of items other than grenades, CHOOSE THE QUANTITY YOU REQUIRE,2 Pack Specter Double/Triple M4 Mag Pouch, Used Surplus. It will not allow you to make a grenade functional. 00: Buy Now Surplus. Specialty Smoke Generators are some of the largest smoke generating products available and are sold for professional use only. 99. Product Videos. We had planned to be Open at least another 5 years but circumstances dictated a different I did find 1 single M18 smoke grenade on a random surplus store. They last roughly 10 seconds before clearing up and EG18: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade. Please note HAZMAT ITEMS Cannot be combined with any other 1/6 Gi Us M9 Bayonet/M18 Smoke Grenade Actual. Jul 31, 2017 · just curious if they can still be bought these days. . II and the M21 During WWII the practice Mk. Pyrotechnics. Within Surplus Military Gear you can currently find some of the following products: military surplus sks ak web sling, used. Show Full Map Get Directions. Restrictions. Displaying products 1 - 3 of 3 results: Show: Sort: Smoke Grenades: WP40 . Ring Pull Smoke Grenade (90 Sec) Color Bomb Smoke Effect [Yellow] . Grenades are divided into the 4 different types: Frag (Explosive), Incendiary (Fire), Flash, and Smoke. 56mm Magazines - Fits three (3) Standard Issue USGI Aluminum 5. Very pleased and would order again if needed. The Smoke Grenade has a cylindrical appearance with a beige coloration. A. Quick view Add to Cart. Quick View. Trigger Bot 6. The 1-M8 Smoke Grenade is a smoke grenade used as a ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling device, a target or landing zone marking device, or a screening device for Grenades are a type of weapon. P65WARNINGS. For years the individual rifleman had the ability to launch a variety of projectiles to support his fighting role. Civil War Ketchum Hand Grenade Wooden Tail fin piece. The single smoke pouch has 2 horizontal rows of MOLLE to attach to compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags, vests and duty belts. 7 million carbines. 4 models High Speed Gear Duty Double Smoke Grenade Pouch U-Mount As Low As (Save Up to 20%) . Our military surplus collection is ever-changing, and we're constantly adding additions and creating new collections for you to shop. 00 Old Sarge's Drop Zone : - M16/AR15 Items 45 ACP Items AK/SKS Items Ammo Cans & Ammo Can Locks Brass & Bullets Bullet Belts Dummy Ammo & Ordnance Grenades & Parts Medical Miscellaneous Collectibles Gun Cleaning Accessories Military Manuals Gun & Hunting Accessories Outdoor / Survival Gear 1919 Items M1 Carbine Items M14 Items M249 SAW Items M60 . Shop for Paintball Smoke Grenades at ANSgear. 99!! Order by clicking Practice Grenades - Mk. Surplus Real-estate-us. The RDG-2B smoke grenade (RDG-2B) is a smoke grenade in Escape from Tarkov. Inert Products manufactures and distributes the largest assortment of replica and inert ordnance in the world. COVID RESTRICTIONS ARE VIETNAM IS LIFTED: WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! Our Militaria items are located in Vietnam. Grenade launchers too! Forest City Surplus (1986) Limited 1712 Dundas Street The Military Surplus MOLLE II Smoke Grenade Pouch was originally designed to carry flash grenades but will secure any smaller items you want to carry. Call Us Today! (904) 375-9795. 99 Sale. Striker. Comes with diamond knurled thread protector. All of our smoke grenades are hand made in our New Jersey facility, and we pride ourselves in providing quality products and superb customer service. Business Hours. Item Number: Your Price: Call to Place Order (M-F 8-5 PST) Smoke Grenade: EG18X. Solid Color. Air Force Embroidered Logo Ball Cap. 37MM Flash Concussion Round. 8 ₽. Police dog, Architta, was used to search for the explosive device. The pineapple grenade is actually an inert copy made from the real genuine mold that was used by our soldiers. Eligible for FREE shipping *. Min: C$ 0. 95 - $ 15. 00 Read more; M31 PRACTICE RIFLE GRENADE – EXCELLENT CONDITION $ 139. Hard Armor Plate is an ultralight (3. 95 Regular price. walk Speed 10. 379. Save 10% Every Time You Shop. CORVUS BELLI. 00 each Professional Smoke (Electric Fire) . Add flare to your photography, create diversionary tactics for milsim games, or plan a pop of color at your party with our diverse selection of smoke bombs and smoke grenades! We also carry inert replicas of military grenades that are perfect for collectors or for use in re-enactments of war campaigns. ground forces typically use grenade launchers that attach to assault rifles. where? and which color is the rarest to find? The Smoke Signal Orange is a compact, daylight distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. About Throwing Grenades. 4:29. Each, . This item will be held at our shop (116 Wood Ave Camden, TN). Enola Gaye Smoke Burst Grenade - Blue . Free shipping. When someone picks up a cigarette for the first time, it’s often to satisfy a curiosity, to look cool or to succumb to peer pressure. View as Grid List. T. smoke grenades - 90 - 120 seconds smoke grenades - 60 seconds handheld smoke grenades - 60 seconds handheld coloured flame - 60 seconds coloured ice fountains - 60 seconds eg25 micro grenades - 30 seconds eg twin vent grenades - 20 seconds M250 Smoke Grenade Launcher (NSN 1040-00-000-0138) "Launcher, Grenade, Smoke: Screening, RP, M250. enolagaye. NOTE: Prior to installing this length of barrel into a rifle action a The M76 Grenade Launcher and Some Its Predecessors. Screen Used. Patches 1946-1960. $ 32. Our pepper spray hand held throwing grenades feature a lock on continuous discharge top, which spins in 360-degree disbursement circle. We offer one of the largest selections of military surplus products, gear and equipment. Came from Francis Bannerman Surplus Sales many years ago. Smoke Grenades for Military and Law Enforcement Training. Current issues : Smoke Grenades – we can’t get hold of any Red or White at the moment. We are trying to ship out as fast as possible. Unlike the Mortar, the M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher can appear on any map, and is a new support weapon for players. 95 Sale. The Frag and Incendiary grenade are usually the Jun 08, 2011 · Demonstration of a thermite grenade manufactured by ALS Technologies, Inc. Quick view View Options. 00 Add to Cart More Info Order# WP407. The weapon is now fully interactive and can be used freely in all versions of the game. . Email: [email protected] The M18 Colored Smoke Grenade is a US Army grenade used as a ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling device, a target or landing zone marking device, or a screening device for unit maneuvering. BLACKHAWK S. Top Rated Seller. One No. Comes with cardboard carrier and is legal to own. british mtp camo smoke grenade pouch used. Dýmovnice M7 Smoke Grenade 1kus. Information MOD. £27. This video shows the MIL-X This item (MIL-X) i Apr 27, 2008 · US M18 Smoke Grenade. 5-second delay, while the IWA versions are currently advertised at 2. The synthetic polymer casing is molded to look like the classic "pineapple" grenade design. This video shows the MIL-X This item (MIL-X) iSmoke grenades. . While intended to be thrown, the 1-M8 Smoke Grenade can also be combined with a tripwire to create a makeshift alarm, alerting you to oncoming enemies. Storefront #1 (Near Randolph AFB) 9218 Converse Business Lane, Converse, TX 78109. Quantity: 1. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. Ally’s Smoke Grenades is the global leader in the sales and supply of colored smoke effects for commercial and professional use. Grenades made with Military in mind. 00: Buy Now: US M18 Dummy Smoke Grenade Container Model - Violet: US. Level 3 also increases it further by +100% every second. C . 98 0. Our professional grade smoke generators come in a variety of sizes and configurations including pull-pin and electric ignition. We believe in being prepared & ready for whatever life throws at you. These are smoke grenade pouches from Eagle Industries. Simple 'bucket' pouch, suitable for most NATO Smoke Grenades, including L13 series, example shown in place is UK L100A1 Signal Smoke, inert grenade not included. The Clear Out 6oz Tear Gas Grenade is a lock-on style aerosol tear gas grenade that contains 6oz of a 1% CS / 1% OC mixture. There are no reviews for this product, to write a review click here . Dummy grenades make great gifts such as a paper weight for the military enthusiast. 5″ diameter. The Maximum Smoke Grenade is designed specifically for outdoor use in crowd control situations with a high volume continuous burn that expels its payload in approximately 30-40 seconds through four gas ports located on the top of the canister. M26A1. . From 1945 to 1958, the Tula Arsenal manufactured the SKS-45. 99 Select options; Inert PG-15V Training Unit (RPG): Authentic Cold War $ 199. 99 - . . The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled stores is based on PHP5 with SQL database with highly configurable implementation based on templatesThe Military Surplus MOLLE II Smoke Grenade Pouch was originally designed to carry flash grenades but will secure any smaller items you want to carry. 00. 00 plus post. In stock. Pineapple grenade from WWII and Korea. Enola Gaye Smoke Burst Grenade - Purple . Spring is work. Our replica dummy grenades look like the real deal with realistic pull pins. Jan 28, 2012 · Firearms Instructor. 98 . • 114 East Mill Street • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 • (719) 634-9828 • (877) 712-9828. It can be used to screen activities of small units and for ground-to-air signaling. They were also used to block the sight of enemy forces or to May 12, 2011 · Smoke and riot control grenades have similar employment techniques. This round will launch up to 100 yards in the air with a Loud sound effect with a bright flash. Мужская обувь. The grenade is designed for ambidextrous use, so the same arming procedure is used for either hand, whereas the M67 required a different procedure for left-handed use. 6 S C E p 1 o n F s T o 1 H r 7 I e X d. PAYPAL UK WILL NOT ALLOW IT. 30pm; E-mail: sales Smoke Grenades. 00: 0 . ENOLA GAYE Gender Reveal Smoke Grenade, Pack of 4. 99 Add to Cart 37Mm Smoke Generators (Smoke Only - Box Of 30) 9. welcomes you from Tues-Sat from Noon till 5 pm to find a great selection of original Army Surplus items from around the world, along a vast array of Camouflage clothing in many patterns. Choose an option Blue Green Orange Pink Purple Red White Black Yellow. Our collection of dummy and inert rounds make great accessories or additions to historical displays. These items include solid urethane replicas, custom machined metal replicas, and OEM factory inert ordnance items. I feel the shell of the grenade should be olive drab and the handle should be light blue since these are dummy grenades. | Site by Neekdesign. The CM18 smoke canister is approximately 5. EG smoke bombs and smoke effects are the world's most popular colored smoke devices, and emit the most advanced smoke on the market. The M83 white smoke hand grenade is used for screening the activities of small units and for ground-to-air signaling. Popular for gender reveals! Stock #: 129025 US Army Surplus Digital Camouflage Flash Bang Grenade Pouch . They can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, gray or white. It creates a large cloud of thick grayish smoke that cannot be seen through. YouTube. 52K subscribers. Posted by Eric Oberstadt on Aug 13th 2020 Good quality, and well made. Each of these canisters will be covered in heavy grease, and may have rust and some light pitting. Very good condition! Metal is strong. [email protected] Smoke can cause breathing difficulties. However Smoke bomb Brushes, Smoke ABR, Colorful fog Brushes, Colorful smoke Brushes, Colored smoke grenade, Wedding Brushes, Fog ABR, Mist Brushes. Smoke grenades and pyrotechnic devices can be a great way to enhance your Airsoft gaming and training experience. . Head Unscrews & Has A Few Minor Rust Holes. Do not use products indoors or in confined areas. Unit price. State and local police departments obtain some of their military-style equipment through a free Defense Department program Nov 29, 2021 · Hopefully, a solution is found in quick order so that players can get back to using smoke grenades the way they are intended to be used. 87 shipping. It even has the hole drilled in the milled end with tape over it just like the originals. Map Protected Price is map protected. Used, non-explosve, diversionary (smoke) grenade, NSN: 1330-01-537-9812-GG20. 45mm Smoke Grenades CS and Color. £ 84. pull-ring igniter and "cool burning" output of over 70,000 cft 2-3 minute burn time 5" x 2. All of our smoke grenades are hand made in our New Jersey facility, and we pride ourselves in providing quality products and superb customer service. ♦ Made by London Bridge Trading But they have no tags on the pouches ♦ Modular single smoke grenade pouch, compatible with all U. These amazing grenades produce a thick white smoke screen to cover movement and provide a major strategic advantage. Rare Vintage Hand Grenade Assembly Head and Spoon. I was so tempted but I then got thoughts of the post man getting curious and next thing I know my dogs dead. Still a scarce empty canister for your grenade. You need to confirm your age before you proceed further and browse the website. Field Use, Simulation & Re-enactments. Rare to find on the loose. O. Nice condition/ea. THE PRICE ABOVE IS FOR ONE ROUND. Polish Police Vest with Kevlar British Army Osprey MTP Smoke Grenade Pouch 10. Read more. 50. When the T44E4* was adopted as the M14 Rifle, the M76 would fulfill that supporting role. Great reproduction of the iconic Model 24 "Potato Masher" stick grenades used by German troops in WWII. De-milled for practice use by US forces throughout history. This pineapple style inert grenade makes a perfect gift, desk paperweight, military shadow box or other fun projects. It can be used with devastating effect in confined spaces, against unprotected enemy combatants. Rare Vintage Hand Grenade Assembly Head and Spoon. The Tru-Spec replica grenades are nearly identical to the real thing. Remove from. This is a genuine German M16 training grenade and used as a trench raiding club Jan 27, 2020 · The Hand Grenade: For When Things Turn Ugly. Smoke producing devices can be divided into two categories: smoke bombs and smoke grenades (canisters). Grenades can emit plain gray/white smoke to screen positions from observation or targeting. II grenade was made using a standard HE grenade body and fuze. 95 each BattleField Smoke Grenade. Military MOLLE components ♦ Holds (1) smoke grenade ♦ Secures magazines ♦ (No Tags) Dummy Grenade $ 12. Add to Cart. Ordnance Group Underfolder 37mm Launcher WP40: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade (White) The Enola Gaye Wire Pull® WP40 is the world’s most popular smoke grenade. It has a burn time of 60 seconds and produces a massive amount of smoke. Ordnance is an all encompassing term that refers to mounted guns, artillery and other related weaponry. View Details. Oct 21, 2021 · Smoke grenades are like fireworks that release smoke, and you can use them for things like military tactical operations and paintball games. A Semi Relic Original Smoke Grenade With Clear 1941 Date On Wood. Upon impact, deals area-of-effect damage over several pulses that are two seconds pulses. Add coins 4. We receive this nice of Us Military Smoke Grenade graphic could possibly be the most trending subject following we portion it in google help or facebook. 82. I have four Defense Technologies Military style Smoke Grenades. the TSG is hand made in America and features a recessed smoke port giving it the performance, reliability, and safety you can only get from a Sport Smoke product. Enola Gaye Airsoft Red Smoke Grenade Massive Output - PACK OF 5 SKU: EG-EG18 RED. Our range includes pouches designed for smoke, anti-personnel and 40mm grenades with MOLLE fixings for use on your belt, vest or webbing - Free UK delivery Define smoke grenade. Used for effective concealment by civilian, law enforcement and military. Mon: 12:00 - 17:00 (maybe CLOSED for Surplus Pick-up) CALL! Tue: 10:00 - 17:45. * Expired surplus unit, still works perfectly*. 1990. 00 each Professional Smoke Pot. 5. Fits 3 USGI 5. 00 each Sportsman Smoke Grenade. This un-used Military Surplus grenade is marked "6-54". I. 0. Buy Smoke Grenades! Powerful. co. The bag triggered an alarm during screening, according to A is a hand grenade specifically designed to release smoke when detonated rather than an explosion. I've seen many for sale so I'm guessing it's legal, but he wants to be certain. Played over 100 hours of Rising Storm and the biggest thing annoying me is that Squad Leaders don't have access to smoke grenades to cover their advances (whether on attack or defense). RARE OUTSTANDING German WW2 Improvised Granatenwerfer 508(B) Hand Grenade. Exactly what I expected from a legit military surplus grenade fuze, spoon, pin and safety clip. 1000 - M18 US Smoke Grenades Red top. 4 ₽. C$ 92. Right-click to scroll through gadgets. 60mm Smoke Grenades CS and Color. 95 Read more; M31 Practice Rifle Grenade (SEALED) $ 175. While dummy and inert grenades, mortars & rockets might be practical instruments for training, they have a number of other more serviceable mundane uses as well. smoke The M32A1 is the USMC/SOCOM 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher of choice. It's a larger unit with a diameter of 55mm, and produces a thick covering of smoke. 95 Add to cart Smoke Grenade Bombs and Airsoft Grenades. The shape and dimension of the grenade is the same as the real grenade and it is the exact copy of the USGI grenade. Baseball grenade in current use. No more of the common problems that plague traditional smokes and they are effective as multiple smokes combined. Font-size. 95 Add to cart RESIN M18 Smoke Grenade Replica . In the new M18 grenades designed to replace those containing the old smoke formulation, sugar is used as the fuel instead of sulfur, and magnesium carbonate Surplus Chemlights Yellow (30 Min) 2. GRD Smoke Grenades Military Soviet Army Russia Brochure Prospekt. Size. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Smoke grenades (called "smokers" in military jargon) released a cloud of obscuring smoke that lasted for one minute. Thunder B Flash bang Co2 Sound Grenade Player Package Thunder B grenades are powered by 12g Co2, distraction devices that are used to disorient your opponent while in battle. A pull-pin ignition eliminates the need to light a fuse. Head/Fuse - Ring - Pin - Spoon (M228) - Safety - Spring Kit - Hammer. This material is coated on the back side for water resistance. Grenades can be found in the Light Containment Zone Armory, Entrance Zone Armory, and a few other areas around the map. Storage/Survival Foods. There are frag, flash and even smoke grenades that pose as lamp fixtures. Item Number: Your Price: Call to Place Order (M-F 8-5 PST) Smoke Grenades: CM75 Cloud Maker features a recessed smoke port and a powerful 3 minute burn to cover a large area quickly. NEW! Original U. See photo. ConditionSmoke Grenade. Blue Force Gear Smoke Grenade Pouch . The second one, worked. K. Using this device as anything other than a smoke grenade or modifying these. The Smoke Signal Orange is a compact, daylight distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. / per. However, they're no longer available to civilians from commercial sources. Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades. Often carried by the radio operators (RTO). ORDER & SHIPMENT POLICIES: Should you wish to purchase a combination of Hazmat Devices, as per the order of the U. 95 each Tactical Smoke Grenade. . Gas, smoke and illuminating grenades were also used in World War I. These will go higher and have better quality effects than any other company’s products guaranteed! You will not be disappointed!! Click here for videos. Painted Black with fill red X's and fill plug painted Brass colourTAG INNOVATION - Velum MK2 White Smoke Grenade. TFLX Duel vent smoke grenade used in Airsoft games and photography. 95 surplus green / M - 9. 5in tall chemical agent and/or smoke dispensing grenade. surplus equipment (page 2) british grenade belt pouch used. . 96. Available in multiple barrel length and mounting configurations. Our military surplus ordnance selection includes artillery shells for sale, grenades, shell casings, fuses and everything in between. Package Includes:1 x Grenade Core12 x Grenade shellsGrenade shell and Aug 17, 2021 · Used surplus Pouches & Cases in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States for sale, inspected and guaranteed. RARE OUTSTANDING German WW2 NB. Bunny Hop 9. 95 Select options; WWII Reproduction Sewing Kit $ 13. Eurometaal Nr20 Anti-Personnel Fragmentation Hand Grenade. It is made with a 1000 denier Cordura pouch body with 420 denier liner and has a closed bottom design with black oxide #0 drain grommet. Wed: 10:00 - 17:45. AOR 1 Eagle Industries Smoke Grenade Pouch SOFLCS New. ' 'Using military surplus equipment like smoke grenades, searchlights, and small airplanes, the FWS herded the birds back into the refuges. View Quote. Military Surplus Quonset Huts For Sale. 9 COLORS AVAILABLE The unparalleled color intensity is what sets us apart from the rest and makes our products unique. C . only. Fits all 1, 3 and 5 lb grenades. Availabe in Baseball, Pineapple, or Lemon style. Sale. 1. Noun 1. Sappy Plates. WWII Double Grenade Pouch. Military Surplus Shop the line . Formula is non-toxic and free of sulphur. The smoke is CTS Flash-Bangs & Sting-Ball Grenades. Buy It Now +C . Head Gear. Sale price. £19. Low Stock. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO WWW. . • 114 East Mill Street • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 The Pull-Pin Smoke Grenade is perfect for events, paintball or just having fun in the backyard. APS Hakkotsu Spare Replacement Shells For Thunder B Sound Grenade (Type: Pineapple Grenade - 12 Pack) APS Hakkotsu Spare Replacement Shells For Thunder B Sound Grenade (Type: Pineapple Ally's Smoke Grenades is the global leader in the sales and supply of colored smoke effects for commercial and professional use. Address: Crawley Surplus Store, Unit 2 Access House, Stephenson Way, RH10 1TN. . At Military Kit we offer a range of quality grenade pouches in various colours and camouflage such as British Army MTP as well as black for more tactical purposes. **Aerial Flash-Bangs have extended range capabilities available out to 400-500 meters. How much are live smokes going for these days? AnUS M18 Smoke Grenade. . Disclaimer: The only gadgets that are in work are Electric gun, Batarang, Grapplehook, smoke grenade and Batmobile. . Each artillery piece the Sole Large Area Smoke increases the effective radius by +40%. 00 Add to cart; M31 PRACTICE RIFLE GRENADE PLUS CASE $ 29. Research for the ET-MP grenade began in 2010, with entry expected in 2020. 00 each Professional Smoke Grenade. 210-566-3300 . The game includes frag grenades which can deal devastating area-of-effect damage, smoke grenades that can block vital lines of sight on the Grenade, Hand, Smoke, Tng, M83 The M83 training grenade is deployed in a similar manner as the M8 series of service smoke grenades. Unlimited Ammo 7. M18 Violet Smoke Grenade, Inert, Vietnam War Vietnam War M18 Violet Smoke Grenade, Inert, Rare , . 85. Military Tribute Display Boards TIAA Bank Field Jacksonville Florida. Used on M1 Abrams, M93 Fox. frag-grenade-close kar98-100m kar98-200m kar98-400m long-range-shots pistol-close plane-sound saiga-close shot-longrange smoke-grenade ump-close uzi-shots SMOKE Grenade - Close. EG WP40 box. Featured Products. RUCKSACKS- BAGS. Clear. Grenade, Smoke, Vietnam Era M-18. Accessories PPSH 41 & PPS 43 PARTS RECOIL BUFFERS FIREARMS - WILL Armed Forces Supply now carries ENOLA GAYE smoke grenades! We just got a large shipment of this fine product. Photography. BRITISH ARMY SURPLUS TAN SMOKE GRENADE POUCH SOLO INTERNATIONAL,CORDURA NYLON. No Ads 2. 4 oz) feels like virtually nothing in your pack. The M321A1 is a hand-held, gas plug operating, semi-automatic, revolving action, 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher (MSGL). Shopping our selection of smoke bombs is a surefire way to enhance your playing experience in airsoft and paintball games! At Gorilla Surplus we provide free shipping over 0, so Enola Gaye EG18X Military Smoke Grenade- Red. It is a great conversation starter. APS Hakkotsu Spare Replacement Shells For Thunder B Sound Grenade (Type: Pineapple Grenade - 12 Pack) APS Hakkotsu Spare Replacement Shells For Thunder B Sound Grenade (Type: Pineapple Civil War Ketchum Hand Grenade Wooden Tail fin piece

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